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We take the time to build customer profiles for your ideal clients and use this knowledge to draft a winning formula


There is no point trying to market to your ideal client when they are not there or are to busy. Using our systems we like to streamline and test the right time to share with your new ideal clients.


What is the point in sending a 40' shipping container of information if a carton load would fulfil the need. Quality not quantity is a skill worth mastering in marketing and our team has a unique process to test how much that quantity needs to be.

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A creative approach that generates growth

Creative Branding

Its incredibly important to connect with your ideal clients and one of the very best ways to do this is if amazing creative. Our team take a scientific look at your market and craft something that is designed to intrigue - we get them to take that second look!

Traffic Generation

What's the point of astounding creative, stimulating copy and a beautiful website if no one is coming to see it! ABSOLUTELY nothing, that is why getting the right traffic to your website is critical. What's the point of a F1 Racing Car with no fuel? Zero, Zip, None. Yes, you need the right traffic to your site.

Conversion Optimization

Once you get Marg, Johnny and Hannah to your marketing material, you definitely want them to convert. What the heck is the point of attracting someone then they don't take the bait? Its a sad state of affairs it concerns everyone from the CEO to old Aunt Betty. You get the idea optimization is a crucial key to success.

Lead Engine


To do all we do we want to be able to care for every lead. While we establish if they have a pain or problem you can resolve. We have some tools we love to use that make that process so much easier. That is why we created the Blue Jacket Lead Engine a powerful platform for using AI to find and nurture your ideal clients before delivering them to you 100% warmed up and ready to go.

To outperform your goals, work with the best.

About Blue Jacket: A Digital Marketing Agency In New Zealand Servicing The World

Culture is the key, and we love it that we have a large pool of talent we are honored to call our team.

When NASA was assembling the team to go to the moon, we are pretty sure they wouldn't have taken tossers.

We have taken the same philosophy when checking people out to serve as a Blue Jacket member.

  • Do that have a vision that is bigger than themselves?

  • Do they fit our culture?

  • Are they as good as they say they are?

Simple as 1,2,3 really...

Digitally Obsessed

We love anything that is going to make our lives easier and in turn it helps you, We are always testing the latest tools and technology advancements so we can stay at the cutting edge of the industry.


Having fun we believe is at the heart of being able to be creative, as is having enough energy in the tank, along with achieving something that is bigger than yourself and being there for those you love.

Our Own Platform

Leveraging the best in the industry to create a platform where we can work our magic is fundamental to our success, match that with AI and creative geniuses and its explosive.

Further Faster

Our head office being based in New Zealand brings us a unique opportunity. New Zealanders are known for their creative genius - yes we were the first country to put bikes on boats! We love to go further faster and we are always working on ways to do it.



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We are strong believers in not leaving winning to chance.

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Doesn't matter if you are needing creative for your latest range of cookies or and new start up. Our team is ready and dreaming for you.


We build websites lots of them and we offer
integration solutions with lots of accounting and ERP solutions.

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Important information to know is what words are your prospective clients looking for when they are going looking for your product or service. Let our team help you out.


It used to be the location of your shop or office that was important. Now it is Search Engine Optimization. Where do you rank? Does it count - Let us show you.


63% of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channels, and 90% of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business


We have specific packages designed to get your lead engine running promptly - (If you meet the criteria)


Are you in the dental industry?

If you are a dentist or orthodontist you will want to check this out. Yes, we know you need to run as close to 100% seat capacity and we understand that time is money.

We saved 41% on our PPC campaigns and we are now running our chairs at capacity which was our desired outcome. They were awesome they even trained our receptionist Judy on how to handle the leads. Boom!


Do You Have Show/Display Homes?

If you are a building company that has your own show/display homes you will know the importance of getting a return on your investment.

Have a look at this.

Their lead system in one sense is common sense, but on the other hand, it is crazy genius. Eight weeks in we went to them to make sure they wouldn't sign anyone else up in our area because it is lethal and they agreed - They are part of our team now.


Do You Have A Showroom or Shop That Is A Destination?

If you have a showroom or shop that is a destination e.g. people come specifically to visit you and your not attached to a mall etc... and you either manufacture or import your own range of products we need to talk.

They took our dying shop and started delivering us clients that were ready to buy and not only purchase but shout about it once they had! Yes, we are talking about insane referral selling, and they even coached our staff on the floor.


Do You Have An

E-Commerce Webstore?

If you have an e-commerce website and it is your sole source of sales e.g. you don't have a bricks and mortar location.

Check this out.

We thought we were doing well. We were happy with the growth we had achieved, but we were getting consumed personally. The Blue Jacket team promised to free us.

Naturally, we were suspect, however true to their word they helped us increase our sales to a point where we could employ a new staff member to help us out so we could spend time with our family which is the real reason we started the business in the first place!

Our kid's happy faces after 60min bike ride = 10X our ROI.

All we can say is have a chat.

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